Going to Heaven?

Do you want to go to Heaven?

Great! Let's review God's path for getting there and honoring Him while on earth...

1. Receive Jesus as your Lord and personal Savior, Romans 10:9,10

2. Learn to live how He wants you to live, Romans 12:1,2

3. Demonstrate your submission to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, James 1:21-25

4. Be a faithful laborer and member of a church that teaches the word, Hebrews 10:23-25

5. Go and assist someone else to receive God and serve Him, Matthew 28:19, Luke 14:23

Pray to The Lord of the harvest...Matthew 9:38 Develop 13 million laborers (disciples) for the kingdom of God in the United Sates, there is currently 313.9 million people living here

These laborers are totally in love with Jesus, firmly rooted in their relationship with Him, continually sensitive and fueled by His presence and the knowledge of His love and mercy for them, clothed with humility and established in righteousness from God. They are thankful people who have been trained, equipped and are willingly submitted to the authority of God, workers together with Him. A keen focus they are "ambassadors" strictly representing the Most High God under the direction of His delegated authority. I am included in the they, under all the same guidelines and authority.

Family of Faith Christian Center
"Current" Church locations city and county population;
Solano County: 416,471
Fairfield: 106,126
Contra Costa County: 1,066,096
United States: 311,591,917

Pastors Assignment:

(13 million disciples, 4.17% of total US population)

2 Chronicles 7:14
Together we can make a difference. We can humble ourselves and turn our hearts and actions back to God, without compromise.